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The internet of things in action.

Our modern world is experiencing waves of information revolutions, under the pressure of the innovations coming from the hardware world and the capillary adoption of the internet and all of its associated technologies. Such revolutions are not confined to the IT world where they originate but often permeate and quickly affect any aspect of our modern lives.
Worlds like "ubiquitous", "open", "multiplatform", "web-centric", are becoming common standards for today's IT technologies.

In such a scenario we have identified a key factor in the development of our company: the ability to build novel technological solutions with high quality, agility and a shared, open development production method.

SAN Framework

Sensor and Actuator Network Framework is a technology stack targeted at the cooperation, control and monitor of every type of device. With SAN you can connect many devices and enable complex behaviors. Moreover, the SAN Framework exposes all devices on the internet and allows interaction with them via web-services, web applications, desktop and mobile applications.

SAN Framework finds its natural environment into complex industrial or building automation scenarios needing a highly integrated control system. SAN Framework provides intuitive control and management interfaces.


A technology platform aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly population.
An health information system created to help organizations that delivers care.


First Android OS powered Smart Glasses. Glassup allows you to have your Smartphone App notification in your common Augmented Reality life.


The Smallest and more Powerful Platform with the most number of sensors (Cortex A8, 128MB, 4GB HDD, Wifi, BT, ANT+, GPS, accelerometer, Magnetometer, Pedometer, Touch screen controller in only 38x38mm) that enables a new way to develop your own application and product. An OS and Cloud SDK enable a new market of connected wearable (and not only) devices that deliver timely, relevant information at a glance.


2Win is a binocular handheld refractometer and vision analyzer. 2WIN achieves a complete and objective assessment of the visual function of the patient. 2WIN allows the early detection of refractive errors and it is ideal with infants, children and non-cooperative patients.


MAIA is a new generation microperimetry that helps monitor the course of retinal diseases and the effectiveness of treatment.

The DRS is a non-mydriatic fundus camera. A fully automated device, the DRS captures digital images of the central retina without pharmacological pupil dilation. Eye care providers use these images for screening of diabetic retinopathy.





M31 is a pioneer in Italy in the activity of acceleration and incubation of new high-tech companies. M31 invests directly sharing the risk with the founders supporting the growth of their ventures in the global market.

So far M31 has invested in new ventures that operate in different sectors: from biomedical to telecommunications, from embedded systems to software technology.

In support of the internationalization of its portfolio companies, and also of other hi–tech Italian companies, M31 has a branch, M31 LLC, headquartered in California, Santa Clara, in the heart of the Silicon Valley.